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Briefed with the task of creating a textile design for the museum, I delved into researching Amersham’s history through museum visits and the fantastic website. I was especially interested in the local stories online archive, getting to know people from Amersham's past.

I wanted to use drawing to bring to light these stories that you couldn't see in the museum. 

My textile design is a collection of these characters from Amersham's past. Some are imagined from stories in the archives, some from the wonderful collection of photographs by George Ward. 

This exhibition is a body of work inspired by my research at the Amersham Museum.

exhibition poster copy 2.png

Brazil Family Zine based on a talk given by Annie Hamilton-Pike to the Amersham Society in 2001. Annie is Ann Brazils granddaughter. 


“HENRY APPLEBY” engine 3.10.1891 – laying railway track on the hill near Amersham town. The railway lead to migration to "Newtown", now called Amersham on the Hill.

Elly Bazigos

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